Tuesday, February 26, 2008

oh what fun it is to ride!

Friday afternoon when the snow stopped falling, we went sledding.. well at least the kids went down the hill (OK I did once, too) They had such a blast. DS2 would scream woo-hoo as he was sliding down. It was great that they finally got a snow that was worth playing in.

Sunday afternoon was perfect weather for building a snowman. The sun was shining brightly but the snow still lay on the ground. This boy's decorations were provided from a snowman kit that my SIL gave us years ago. It's helped a lot of snow become people. This kept the kids outside for an hour or so.

DD lost a tooth Sunday night. The kicker is that the fairy left no money.. I told her it's cuz she wasn't in her bed, but I was there in stead so she thought I was trying to scam her ;-) hope she bought it. There's cash in the pillow now, though

I'm about halfway through my second skein of wool for dad's vest. I finally decided on 8s which make a thick cloth, but I like it better than on the bigger needles.

I also cast on a cloth for a co-worker tonight.. of course procrastinating doing work. The forecast for tmrw is glum. Snow then freexing rain and sleet until 11AM so I'm wondering if we'll have a late start or maybe nothing at all????

I better get my school work done. I'm sleeping at the computer while I type.

happy crafting everyone!

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