Tuesday, February 12, 2008

snow, beautiful snow

it's falling from the sky. School was dismissed early today :-)

This morning I looked out the window and saw this:
red sky in morning, sailor take warning

I finished another block for the lizard ridge blanket I'm making.The colors aren't exactly true. I want my old camera back :-( I'm loving that pattern, but I really need to do it when I can finish the whole 'row' and not be distracted or else i get lost in all the short rows.

I have to put together the V-day presents for the teachers... They'll look like this
picture to be added

And there are 2 cloths on the needles right now... a v-day gift and one for me. Here is one of the gifts I just finished tonight:

Pattern: Valentine Candy Box Feb KAL Monthly Dishcloth Yahoo Group
Yarn: Lily's Sugar 'n Cream
Color: Red
Needle: US6

Once again, the picture is too dark. Another angle shows the color better, but not the pattern.

And the last picture. This is what DS2 is taking to his teachers/caregivers at daycare.Hope it's yummy for them. Filled with chocolate candies. The felted hearts are filled and wrapped as well for DD and DS1's classroom teachers. Their reading teachers are getting the same thing as the daycare people for DS2 and I miscounted by 1.... hmmmm now what should I do with that one?

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g-girl said...

well to me, the sky looks gorgeous. can't wait to see the pics of the vday presents for the teachers and the block for your lizard ridge blanket!