Tuesday, July 10, 2007

4 down, 2 to go

I have 2 cloths to make yet for A. I hope she likes them. I think I'll give them to her before we leave for the shore cuz when we get back, she'll be on vacation (I think) My idea is to do the hot chocolate cloth (in disguise of coffee) and a ballband yet. I wanted to keep a yellow theme, but the hot chocolate cloth will look kind of dumb in yellow so I'm opting for softly taupe. I promise pictures soon.

I've been spinning as well. I've decided that I much prefer the flicker to carding. I'll card the stuff that I pull out of the flicker to get a few rolags when it's all said and done.

I opened up Lily... a rambo/shetland cross fleece I bought a few months ago this morning. My goal is to have her washed by Friday. Guess I should get started on that as well. I have 3 more fleeces to wash and then at least they'll all be ready to pick/clean. There were 2 bags with fleece in the box. At first I was disappointed. The first bag I opened had LOTS of vm and the skirting had left some sheep poo in the fleece.. so I was bumming until I opened bag 2 and that was an incredibly beautiful fleece... OMGosh, I can't wait to spin that baby! I have to add, she's washing up so incredibly.. the nice part is all I've gotten done so far. 12 lingerie bags worth... it's like a cloud! should be easy to clean and flick too :-D

I've been freecycling like crazy, but people say they'll pick up and never show... I mean why respond if you aren't interested?

DD and I started to decorate a wood magazine file today. I bought 3 of them at IKEA on Sunday. We also got a bookshelf like this but only 4 shelves instead of 7, since our other broke, and a dresser for the attic so that my SIL has a place to put her clothes while she's here. Slowly but surely, the back room is emptying out and looking less like an office. I hope to have it all finished by the end of the summer so those sweet little boy babies of ours can sleep in their own space! We found the perfect bunks for them at IKEA as well. Well the picture doesn't look like a bunk, but they had a mattress under the loft, which is perfect for DS2, so we'll be sure to make a return trip while the SIL is here!

I'm really working on getting this place together and that eventually includes my stash. ;-)

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Lea said...

I'm so glad the flicker is working out so well! :-D I know I've found I prefer it. I'm just a little to picky with the quality of the fleece when I go to spin, and it helps get more of the junk out... Can't wait to see some of Lily spun up! You are doing so much better than I am. I REALLY need to get around to washing the rest of my fleece before it gets cool again (summer's already half over! WOW!) I don't have to necessarily spin it, but I just really can't take the smell of the crock pot cleaning in the house (nor can my dh! LOL) I need to figure out a way to go without sleep, I think! I have too much I want to do, and not enough time to do it!