Sunday, July 01, 2007

Do I need more WIPs?

I guess the answer to that is YES, since I have more....No, I didn't find my dpns. Instead, I won an auction on ebay for 11 pair of 5" bamboo dpns (new) and paid less than I would have for 2 sets. I was certain that after I started the second sock on these new needles, I'd find the missing ones. But they're still AWOL. And we had a party yesterday at the house (more on that later) so if they were going to show up, they would have for sure... I guess the Borrower's really do live at my house!

This is the start of the Lucy bag. I only have about 12 rows of the straight section finished (there are 120 rows in this section) If I do the math correctly 120 rows of 120 stitches is 14400 stitches... youch! Then there is the handle after that...It's such a cute bag though. I love the way the handles are the purse closure. This picture doesn't do the color justice. It's called Petunia but is a really lovely blend of lavender and blue more lavender than my dye of blurple... I guess this would be lavendue.

And the last new WIP is the monthly dishcloth KAL that started today. I have a sneaking suspicion what it is! How can I tell? Well I can't from the pattern, just a guess. I'll keep it to myself. I'll gift this one to my friend whose fav color is yellow and who will be celebrating a b'day in August. I think for her special day I'll make her a bunch of them... not the same pattern but I have my patterns chosen for her already!

Back to the party. We had the 'family' party for L's birthday. Had to get it in before the last day of June or I couldn't very well call it a birthday party. The theme was going to be monster trucks, but they had no monster truck plates etc at Party City, so he settled on Power Rangers (which he is nuts about anyway) This is his cake... (my great picture taking skills chopped off the Red Ranger's head) I had also gotten a number 5 candle, but do you think I could find it when it was time to put it on the cake? In fairness to me, that was on Tuesday right before I went to help teach spinning, and I didn't put the groceries away. I'm sure that will turn up with my knitting needles. LOL As you can see DH was having a good time once the pinata was empty. Good thing the batting was finished, no? The kids at this house were exhausted by the time all the guests left. L has been so excited about this party all week... he's so cute sometimes I can't stand it.

On the fiber front, one of DDs friends was at the beach last week. The mom (who is a friend of mine too) called today and when we were chatting mentioned that one of the days they went to an alpaca farm and the owner was doing some spinning too. Her daughter is in DDs class and remarked to her mom that I also spin and they should get me some alpaca so I can make DD some mittens. How sweet is that? So they bought a half pound of alpaca fiber for me to spin. I'm so excited because I've never spun alpaca before. I don't know if it's raw or ready to spin... guess I'll find out later and report on it :-)

OK... off to knit and tidy up the family room some more... it was, let's say, well used at the party yesterday. I already spent over an hour cleaning it up today, and there's still more mess.


hakucho said...

Dpn's are so easy to lose. Glad you got so many new ones. Now you'll have extra :)
Pretty sock yarn!
Happy Birthday Lukas!

g-girl said...

wow...a set of bamboo dpns. have you seen the interchangeable ones?? I just found out about those! that was so nice of your friend to buy you some alpaca roving! Sounds like it was a fun bday party. did you check the car for those needles?? oh, and we can all use more wips! lol.