Saturday, July 14, 2007

The final cloth…

for the August birthday

Pattern: Mason Dixon ballband cloth
Yarn: Lily's Sugar & Cream and Elmore Pisgah Peaches & Cream
Color: Pumpkin and Butter & Cream
Needle: Susan Bates size 6

This makes a half dozen and with that I think I'll stop. Time to get the needles clackin' on something else again!

It was like Christmas at my house today. I got a package in the mail with double the amount of this lovely Corriedale cross roving... two pounds of it. I bought it from ebay but it orignally comes from Ashland Bay. Now to decide what colors to dye it. I think I'll dye before spinning, then braid it and look at it for a bit.... it feels lovely. DH just rolled his eyes. LOL

I'm thinking of printing one of my sunflower pictures to put on the top of set of 6 cloths after they're wrapped. The colors would be perfect... too bad I can't just put a sunflower on the top! Maybe I should consider a sunflower hot pad to go with the set.... I really am addicted to knitting these small projects, they go by so quickly and are so satisfying.

On a very sad note, I learned the other day that a dear friend of mine who moved away from me a couple of years ago was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. She has had a full life, but I still feel so sad. The prognosis isn't good, they've predicted about 8-12 weeks left. So prayers for a peaceful passing would be appreciated for my dear sweet Gene. She is my surrogate mum in the best sense of the word.


g-girl said...

ohhh, the corriedale looks amazing!!! It looks like it would feel amazing. :) sorry to hear about your dear friend. she'll be in my thoughts.

hakucho said...

That is one pretty ballband. I love that pattern. I knit a few then take a break, but I know I will always go back to is one of my favorites :)

Your dear friend is in my prayers.