Thursday, July 19, 2007

water, water everywhere

but it's not to drink!

Today was a wierd water day.
• We're redoing the back bedroom which was formerly an office into a bedroom for the boys. DH was draining the radiator but it wouldn't stop draining.
• My SIL knocked over a full glass of water onto the hardwood floor in that room.
• The swimming pool closed just as we got there (3 hours early)
• All the kids were thrilled with their baths
• They were also playing with tea party and DS2 insisted that real water be put in the teapot
• and the final straw, the heater blew it's top and water was everywhere in that room in the basement, which of course is where all my yarn is, fleeces too... fortunately in plastic bags or bins... but I moved it all out anyway. The heater man comes tomorrow but the heat is shut off now... guess it's a good thing that it's warm outside.

It's a good excuse to organize the stash. And take some pictures...

The bad part is that now DH KNOWS how much yarn there is.... My DD said "mom, why do you have so much yarn? You have to stop buying yarn....." She's right. It's time to lose some weight... sigh

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g-girl said...

what a weird day! I gasped when I read that water was everywhere in your basement where you keep all your yarn. Thank goodness it's all safe.