Monday, July 09, 2007


OK... a blogger buddy (sorry I can't remember where I saw it :-/) Tagged me for this birthday thing. I won't tag anyone. Try it if you like!
•Go to Wikipedia
•Enter your birth month and day (not the year) and hit search
•LIst 3 events, 2 births, and one holiday that occurs on your birthday
Even if you don't post it, it's fun to see!

My birthday has this in common:

1932 - Hattie W. Caraway becomes the first woman elected to the United States Senate.
1966 - Batman the TV series debuts on ABC.
1969- Led Zeppelin releases their first album.

1876 - Jack London, American author (d. 1916)
1954 - Howard Stern, American radio host

Tanzania - Zanzibar Revolution Day

On the knitting front, as I type I have 2.5 cloths finished for my friend's bday. I want to get at least 6 done this week. So I'll post pictures when all of them are completed.

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Lea said...

OK, I'll fess up. I was the one who was supposed to tag you, but I never did actually do it! I just felt a little strange. I've always had a thing against chain mail, and this just doesn't seem much different. I just did it b/c it was interesting to look up my b'day!