Thursday, July 02, 2009

pictures are loaded

from the trip to BA on my on my facebook. If you'd like to see them click here.
I have to say there are a few that are really wonderful.

Happy birthday to my dear brother who is 54 today. I hope you have a wonderful day.

It rained last night (again) and even though DH promised to cut the grass, he didn't so now I can't cuz it's so wet... it's going to eat me first I think.

Maybe tmrw.. cuz the tour de fleece starts on Sat alongside the tour de France. I am so excited for this! Last year was the first year that I watched as well as participated. I brought lots of yummy fleece to spin on the trip. I'll post pictures of that very soon....

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g-girl said...

finally pictures!!!!!!!!!!! thanks for sharing all the ones you did on facebook. I love the look of the buildings and the houses..wish you had added more doors. ;) loved the old car and the bat! wow. some of the animal shots didn't even look real!