Thursday, July 30, 2009

family birthdays

Happy Birthday DH and Meme.... we wish you lots of happiness.

I baked a death by chocolate cake for DH. The kids helped a bit... ours is 3 layer. We doubled the recipe. When they say it will sink when cooled.. they aren't kidding. Also really do refrigerate it before you try to remove it from the pan... One layer I didn't. That's the middle layer. My slice came with strawberries on the side. One warning... it's REALLY rich. it killed me for sure

In crafty news, the black hoggett finn fleece has been spun up... about 430 yards of triple ply and another 50 some of double ply.

became this for one example

I also finished the 20th square for Lizard Ridge.. if I weren't making it larger, I could start assembling. It's fun to see the Noro stash diminish and the pile of squares grow.

Time to start blocking the squares for the Way wedding blanket.... and finish the remainging 4 cable squares. Maybe I should design that W block.

off to deconstruct...... and i think I've finally decided on a store name for my etsy shop.... what a hard decision to make... as bad as naming your child.


g-girl said...

gosh, i can't wait to see the Way wedding afghan all finished or your lizard ridge! so what's the name of your etsy shop??

hakucho said...

Wow, I bet that cake was GOOD! I LOVE anything chocolate ;)

Good luck with your etsy shop!!