Tuesday, July 07, 2009

cashmere day

Wow.. what a day... workout, one of those annual visits, and then the thrift store... SCORE! 17 sweaters to frog, 1 felted, 2 to wear, 2 shirts and an OLD kodak camera for under $60. 5 of the sweaters are 100% cashmere and 2 are a cashmere blend. Incredible day... really... a very happy day for me!

Since I was out in the morning I had to watch the tour at night. I already knew the results but it was fun to watch and spin myself. I almost finished spinning the last of the purple and white roving. But I fell asleep before I could finish. So this morning was a rest day for Wii Active (yay) and I finished the singles and started to ply... the picture is the resulting yarn. I haven't finished plying yet but I hope to by the day's end. I managed to snap a shot of myself at my wheel as well... just for laughs with my yellow tour de France Tshirt on. I am loving the month of July... wish it could last all year!

I'm working my way on the Way afghan.. There are only a few more squares to do... Too bad it will be too large to enter in the Allentown Fair.. I'm thinking when all is said and done it will be about 72" square... kind of large... but great for two to cuddle up in on a long winter's night.

Still need a picture of DH's socks. I'll get them without his feet I guess. I need some sock blockers.. maybe my brother could make me some for Christmas! or I should make some from hangers... that works too.

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