Wednesday, July 15, 2009

fetching for.....

Pattern: Fetching by Cheryl Niameth
Yarn: Some acrylic bought on Scalabrini Ortiz in BA
Color: Black (obviously)
Needle: US8 dpns
Recipient: BFF Gail

so i started these on the plane home from BA... I knew she wanted acrylic so she could wash them. This stuff was really soft and felt silky smooth. I didn't have a clue on the yardage since they sell it by hank and without ball bands when they make it there themselves. I only knew how much it weighed .... if I had a McMorran balance I could have figured it out... or if I had had a scale could have divided it into 2 equal parts, but had neither with me in BA so I just started knitting on the plane, not paying very close attention to the directions... finishe one mitt and read the directions.. lo and behold I had put 5 cable repeats in the mitt... and then wasn't sure if I had enough yarn to finish the second. I liked the extra repeats, but...I started the second and knit up to the end of the 3rd cable repeat.

so after I got home I weighed the finished mitt and the remaining yarn with the half finished 2nd mitt and found that i was just shy of enough for the second mitt. So I ripped out the first to the 3rd cable repeat, finished the second mitt as per the pattern, and then finished the first in the same way. I skipped the picot bind off... for me it did nothing to the mitts... phew.. there was about 6 yards left.

I got a bit too much sun today while waiting for DD at her swim lesson. It should be fine tmrw though and really makes me look as if I've been spending time in summer weather, which it hasn't actually been. I'm not complaining at all. We've had really lovely weather since we got back from BA.... sun and not too humid or hot.. I'm lovin' it!

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