Wednesday, July 08, 2009

day 4 accomplishments

a bit more than 450 yards of 2 ply yarn.. a little thick and thin but mostly worsted. It needs to be washed and thwacked to set the twist... then I'll measure WPI and weight.

So all the purple and white merino is complete. I started on the blue/green roving. and am spinning that thin. It's what I spin better.. but it takes me longer.. so I won't be plowing through that as quickly as I did the purple... perfect for the upcoming mountains!

Team Astana did an incredible job yesterday and this morning Lance held his own.. with the team pushing him ahead. It's going to be a great month of racing I think. Thos men are incredible machines.

The other night I made empanadas for dinner... yummo. Spinach and blue cheese, celery and walnut... I love both kind

Tonight Iron Pigs baseball at the park.. can't wait.

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g-girl said...

you've been a spinning fiend for the tour de fleece. :) oooh, empanadas, yummy!