Monday, September 03, 2007


as in butterflies not emergency! It seemed earlier today that the cocoon would winter over. I was wrong!

DH and I were in the family room tonight catching up on our Netflix rentals with The Queen and DS2 woke up crying. I went up to get him as he was coming down the steps from the second floor. After the movie we came up to the living room/dining area where the butterfly garden hangs. I sat in my corner with DS2 nursing a migraine and DH checked the garden as he usually does (he still can't wrap his head around the cocoon stage) and said "OMG! There's a butterfly." And sure enough there is!

DS2 I'm sure doesn't get the enormity or excitement of this event, but woke enough to witness it. As I was snapping photos and googling what we could put in for this creature to eat, DD appeared awake enough to take a look see as well.

I promise better pictures tomorrow of the release. It's hard to get a great shot through the netting of the garden. I wound up putting in a chunk of watermelon as I seem to remember the hole in hadn butterfly man who was once at our school saying that they will suck the sugar from that as if it were nectar from flowers. I hope it's enough to sustain it until the morning.

I only wish we had all seen it come out of it's cocoon... that's truly a sight to behold!


hakucho said...

Very exciting!! Good luck with the release tomorrow. I'm a fellow migraine sufferer...feel better real soon!

g-girl said...

beautiful shots!