Friday, June 22, 2007

My daughter, the artist!

WARNING, Will Rogers! PICTURE HEAVY!!!!!!!!!!

Wow! I am so proud of her. Today was the last day of art camp for the week at the Crayola factory. Tonight they had a show and reception for the kids. All the families were invited and the works were displayed beautifully. The 3-D pieces were on semi-circle tables with colored table cloths and the flat work was displayed on display boards. There were only about 15 kids and their families there. I know not everyone could attend.

So to begin! I took pictures at the show, but I think some of the pictures I've taken at home show the work better, so those I'll post a mixture.

Flowers in a green vase
This is a painting on artist canvas.
The given still was only the vase, then they were able to add to the picture as they wanted
The flowers are like 2 little colorful bursts,
each emanating to the side.

Underwater adventure.
The students were learning about Japanese stamping and how they used dead sea creatures as their stamps.
Here the stamps were rubber. FIrst they used watercolors on the paper, after that was dry they chose their stamps, applied acrylic paint to the stamp with a ruler then pressed them on the painting in the desired location. Cool, isn't it??

This abstract painting took 2 days. First day, the glue was applied in whatever design they wanted. It dried for a couple of days. Then they painted over with water colors. After that dried, they used a toothbrush dipped in water color and fanned it with their thumb to apply the spots.

Door hanger.
This one is self-explanatory; made with the foam pieces (but thicker than the stuff you buy at A.C. Moore), 3-D paint and little pom-poms. I love her design :-)

When pigs can fly!
These are little ceramic piggy banks that the kids were given paints, fabric and feathers and wings with which to decorate. DD had lots of fun with this one. She has a smaller one at home that SIL bought her at the factory store last summer. Now there's a pair!

Coil pot.
This is air dry clay. They made the coil pot first. Then painted with tempera (I think) There was no limit to the amount of clay they could use. Some of the pots at the show were really big. They were given them 2 packages to bring home that day. We made a little coil pot. DD of course, couldn't let it alone to dry, so she broke it. Never fear... I added a bit of water to the clay and we made birds from it. They are still drying, then she'll decorate with markers or paint.

And my favorite of all.
It's a cube made up of 8 cubes that are attached on some corners.

So that you can open it flat,

make steps

or leave it as a cube

that has 12 different sides!

They had punch, cookies, pretzels and cheese curls in a separate room. That had beautiful flowers on the table.

They also decorated a hat with the Crayola logo similar in shape to the hat from the Cat in the Hat. An art camp t-shirt, a crayola factory T-shirt with crayons in a teacup (they used fabric markers on both of these) and a white crayola t-shirt to use as a smock. They made a memory book (scrapbook similarity) a diary (journal) complete with key. And they were given a Crayola treasure chest that had markers, watercolor pencils, slick crayons, paper, a plastic storage box with under/over writer markers, colored pencils, crayons, super fine markers, 3-D paint, 3 pair of scissors (2 plain and one with a fancy cut), glue stick, regular glue and glitter glue.

I'm so pleased with her week as I know she is as well. She requested to go again next year, and I think DS1 will go too! I suggested to the director that they run a camp for parents concurrently. Hopefully the idea will fly and I can have fun next summer along with them!!!!

Oh, and I have one or two things of my own to put on the post.
This is from the Dishcloth Fun KAL

Pattern: Flutterby Fairy by RaAnn Clegg
Yarn: S&C
Color: Sage Green
Needle: Size 5 KPO

One sock is finished... now to CO the other, except I misplaced the needles ARGH!!!!!!! I remember putting them in their case and putting the case in a safe place, but now I can't remember where that safe place is.........

I leave you with some more eye candy! Happy crafting.. wish me luck finding my needles!


AlisonH said...

Crayola factory? How cool is that? Clearly a good time was had--fun stuff!

g-girl said...

she is quite the artist, isn't she! It's too bad that the camp is only a week. Everything is beautiful--I'm partial to that cube! Soooooo cool! Your sock looks great

Eduardo Azzati said...

Love your blog and your postings and love you!!!

hakucho said...

Crayola kid that sounds like fun :) Kid art is the best. Your DD produced quite a lot of beautiful artwork. Underwater adventure is my favorite :)

My boys start band camp next is a camper and the other is an intern(first year)for 2 weeks. They really enjoy it every year :)

Lea said...

Wow! That is so incredibly cool! She is amazingly talented too. :-D I would love to send Cassie in a few years if they still have it.