Tuesday, June 05, 2007

more chakalaka

DD decided that she'd like to give these filled with 'good' chocolate to her special area teachers as a summer's here gift.So I started one last night... on size 7 needles with Lily's sugar and cream... then I read the instructions, and decided at lunch at school today that the needles were too large... so when I got home I cast on in Sugar and Cream Over the Rainbow on size 5s. Much better. Doesn't hold too much chocolate. There are 2 Ghiardelli squares at the bottom, 2 Ferrar Rocher balls and 2 Lindt truffle like things.... Now I only have 5 more to do for her and if I do the same for the boys that will be another 9 more... plus the real gift for DD's classroom teacher a felted credit card/change purse witha gift card to Barnes and Noble and a knitted bookmark... my idea (not that it will see fruition....) is a bookmark with a butterfly in beads on it, with the card saying something like you've helped give me wings to fly. But I don't know if that will happen since I've never knit with beads b4 nor do I have a butterfly bookmark pattern... Guess I should make google my friend.
Happy crafting everyone.. I know I should be casting on!


Lea said...

Well, just in case... I can't give you any help on the bookmark, but the beads, yes! I've actually seen two methods. The first is to string all the beads on before starting. Then just keep them lower on the strand as you knit (not really a problem if they fit through ok b/c they'll pretty much slide down using gravity). Then as you get to a spot that you want a bead, just slide it up and use a purl stitch instead of a knit -- the bead goes on the "bar" of the purl stitch.

The other method just involves using a REALLY tiny crochet hook to put it onto a loop of a knit or purl stitch. Put the bead on the hook. Grab the loop of the stitch where you want the bead off the needle and pull it through the hole of the bead, then return it to the needle.) I think it depends on the size of the bead, or rather the hole on the bead, as to which makes more sense. The latter is easier, but it requires a doubled strand to fit through the hole of the bead.

Hope that helps!

hakucho said...

That little basket makes for a very nice teacher's gift...good idea!