Sunday, June 03, 2007

catching up

Thursday was DD's Fine Arts night for her school. Everything was held at Lehigh University Zollner Arts Center. The art work was in the lobby and the concert in the main hall. The kids did a fine job. They sing very well in tune and were cute to boot! This was DD's exhibit in the art part of the show, Queen Nephretete. If you look closely, you can see her name written in hieroglyphs in the lower center of the sarcophagus. Funny how she made her with blonde hair... my WASPy child... and her school is pretty diverse, guess the art teacher didn't show pictures of what the Queen may have looked like in real life!

This is some of the Lincoln Longwool that I've been spinning on Patti's Ashford drop spindle.. I've taken it in to school and the kids are fascinated. Maybe I'll bring some along on my journey of historical living. It was so funny because all week I was wearing different long tie dyed dress (made by moi) and spinning.. I must have really looked like a hippie to them. LOL

And finally, my portion of a combined gift to a retiring colleague. Well my part is the knitted part (what a surprise). The eggs inside aren't going to her, but there will be two others that my dear friend has made (she made the two in there right now) This woman will be sorely missed... in so many ways... we love you Rhoann!

Pattern: Chakalaka by Wendy Wonnakott for the Garter Belt
Yarn: Peace Fleece
Color: MirAtlantis Periwinkle
Needle Size: 10 bamboo dpns

I was contemplating felting this basket when it was finished. I did change the pattern, in that I moved up on the needle size, mostly because Peace Fleece is such a heavy worsted yarn. Other thatn that I followed this pattern exactly. I'm sure I'll be making it again, for it was super easy and fast. I love how the stitch looks up close. If you click on the picture it will open an enlargement that allows you to see some of that ;-)

More later.. gotta run!


g-girl said...

DD's nefertiti is cute with the blond hair. lol!

Lea said...

OK -- I meant to comment on this the other day, but of course got sidetracked! Your dd painting is wonderful! You must be so proud of her. And that is a great idea about doing it at the university. I'm sure it makes the kids feel important.

And I LOVE the chakalaka.The textured stich looks beautiful. I actually had to go look up the pattern and download it for future use. So cute. And those eggs are stunning! Even if they aren't for her, if you were putting ones similar, I'm sure she loved it!