Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Happy Birthday L!

We were at the beach for a few days. I wanted to post before we left but ran out of time! So much to put in one post now! Today is DS1's b'day. He's 5, but according to him. "not until I get my cake and open my presents" Where did the time go??? He has gymnastic camp at Parkettes in the mornings this week, so I guess we'll celebrate at dinnertime.

DD is at morning art camp at the Crayola factory. She loves it. You'd think that with 2 out of the house for he morning, we'd get something done, but at least one hour of the time they're gone is spent commuting back from the camps and running little errands.

So today I stopped (OK, 'twas a bit of a detour) at Kraemer's yarn store. They're having a sale. At least 25% off patterns and yarn that isn't made by them. Some yarn is even discounted deeper! It was definately a S.E.X. for me! I got 19 skeins of Plymouth Fantasy (pics at a later date) for $3 each, 5 skeins of Noro Kureyon for 6.37 each (to start Knitty's Lizard Ridge) one skein of Cherry Tree Hill and one skein of Plymouth Sockotta and lastly a skein of Mauch Chunky, to ensure that there will be enough to complete the Lucy Bag. I'll post more pics later... kind of spread them out, so to speak.

While at the shore, I stopped at Island Knits, LBI NJ and bought this:

Well it wasn't in this state when purchased. But I did buy the yarn and needles there! I took with me to the shore: 2 drop spindles, some roving (ashland bay merino, rambouillet, and stuff I made at the Mannings), King Tut cotton, Mauch Chunky, my KP Options set, Bamboo dpns in sizes 8, 9 and 10, Knitting Rules (by the yarn Harlot) and Magical Knitting vol 1 by Cat Bordhi, and the pattern for the Lucy Bag. I didn't have the right size needles to start the Lucy Bag (needed 10.5 dpns to start) and didn't get the Möbius CO... so knitting was out. Finally, on our last day of the trip, I convinced DH to let me pop into the yarn store while the kids were asleep in the van. I came out with this and proceeded to swatch and make Stephanie's socks from her book, well start them. This is the first one...not yet finished. That was after I spun all of the Rambouillet on my Greensleeves drop spindle and wrapped it on the niddy noddy I had in my bag. Here it is in a mini skein approx. 250 yard fingering weight.

The weather at the beach was COLD. Most of the time we spent in sweatshirts, except DS1 of course. He was in the surf as much as possible. We went miniature golfing, rode one of those quadcycles with 2 bench seats and a baby basket in the front. Looked like a surry without the fringe on top! Sat. night we went to Fantasy Island. The kids loved that. Both DD and DS1 as well as DH helped out the magician in his show. We'll go back later in the summer when hopefully the weather will be warm enough to lounge on the beach in a proper bathing suit instead of jeans and a sweatshirt!

Some FOs to share:
Dad's LTK felted moccasins

Pattern: Little Turtle Knits Felted Moccasins
Yarn: Paton's Classic Merino
Color: Denim Marl and Blue Storm
Needle: Size 10.5 KPO
Modifications: I had to make the slipper longer than the largest ssize on the pattern, so I knit a 4"x4" swatch, felted it and did the math to fit dad's feet. Happy to say that they do!

Mrs. Reynold's change purse

Pattern: Jean's Felted Coin Purse
Yarn: Peace Fleece
Color: Blueberry Borscht
Button: From stash (dd's choice)
Needle: Size 10 KPO
Modifications: I didn't felt as much as I normally would. We wanted to fit the packaging for the Barnes and Noble gift card inside the little purse.

And the remaining chakalaka baskets. I can honestly say that I'm happy to be finished with these for a bit! The one on the left is the S&C colorway called Sun Kissed... I love it! On the right we have P&C Butter cream (I think? It was one of the cones on special - probably still is LOL)

DSes gave their daycare workers a big basket filled with LOTS of different candy bars, peanuts, sesame seeds, snack crackers. All tied up in cellophane with curled ribbons. Hope they enjoy eating it all!


g-girl said...

Happy Birthday to DS1! :) I think I was the same way--it wasn't my bday until I had a cake in front of me and gifts. lol. The CTH you picked up is pretty..and look @ that sock already!! Sounds like you all had a good time and hopefully when you return later in the summer it'll be warmer. the slippers look great! glad you're back! ;)

hakucho said...

Lot of pretty yarn and finished objects!

Happy belated birthday to your son. It was my birthday on the 19th too, but I'm not going to tell you how old I am ;)

Lea said...

I'm a little late -- happy belated birthday L!

I'm very jealous you got to go to Kraemers! Any comments on their undyed yarns other than the ones we saw at mannings? And looks like you had a bunch of great additions from your S.E.X!