Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Fulling and knitting

Well I've been busy knitting chakalakas until I've got the pattern memorized and my hands hurt. The addition to the pair of summer splash is in the colorway Party Time by Lily's Sugar and Cream. Since I've taken this picture I have another completed in the Butter and Cream colorway of EP's Peaches and Cream yarn and one OTN is Lily's Sugar and Cream in Sunkissed (I love this colorway btw) Until I'm finished with these, I'll want to put the cotton down and knit on some wool that gives a bit!

Here are pop's mocs pre-fulling.. when I post the after fulling picture (which has yet to be taken. They're drying right now, stuffed with plastic bags) I'll do a before and after shot with the same coffee mug to give you an idea of how beautifully this Paton's classic merino fulls. Really nice! and very quickly to boot.

DD's classroom teacher will be getting this little number with a gift card to Barnes and Noble. My idea was to put the card in the purse, but they attach it to this rather large card and I don't know how that will work into the scheme I had originally planned.

On the bobbin is some targhee that I've been slowly working on . This particular fleece has tons of VM in it .. too much for my taste, but I learned today from a spinning e-zine (whose name escapes me right now, but there's a link in the sidebar) that it would be time well spent flicking the fibers BEFORE washing to removed the chaff etc...I"ll have to give that a try! Anything to make the spinning part fly and be effortless.

This is my new Kromski kniddy knoddy. Keeping it warm is the fiber that I spun Saturday from the batt I made on the drum carder (Oh some day I'd love one of those!) This is the yarn that I leaned to Navaho ply on. It's a bit tight twist, but hopefully it will be OK. I'm far from wise enough to do this right at the get go. So it's a very small amount but it's so darn cute!

My friend Lea gave me some lovely CVM that she combed and put through her make shift diz. I'll post pictures of that later along with the great top she handdyed called green flash. The rest is for sale on her etsy page.

I'm off to edit yesterday's post to add some pictures. My new spinning buddy Tanya sent me some great shots of Saturday, otherwise you'd just be looking at the animals (which is OK for me too) I leave you with this adorable alpaca to say
nighty night!


Lea said...

And I quote, from Cassie -- "paca, paca, more paca, more paca!"

Oh, and btw, Green Flash is sold, but I'm planning on doing more of it this week if I can find the time! I REALLY want to try the dyeing with Madder first, so that's going to get priority. :-D

And your Navajo ply looks great! I usually overtwist too, so looks like I'm in good company :-D

Can't wait to see the other pictures, including the ones from Tanya! (Hi Tanya! :-D)


Aunt Kathy said...

I love those slippers.

I was wondering how you get those timelines shpwing how your projects are coming along? I have been searching but can't find the links for them. Can you help me?

carole said...


I got all the info from the Knit1Blog2 (the button is on my sidebar) Also if you join that blog, she'll answer your questions (and any others you may have) she's a web genius too!


Aunt Kathy said...

Thank You very much.