Saturday, June 09, 2007

I'm so excited!

Lea and I are going to the Mannings spinning seminar today... we meet in about 7.5 hours. I hope the weather holds out because it's outside, rain or shine, and we're taking our wheels.

She's bringing her viking combs along, so I quick washed up some Targhee... it's about dry already :-) I know I'll get hooked on combs and then I'll be spending more money.

DH and I bought new windows for the house today. I hope that they provide what they promise 46% off our heating and cooling bill... gotta keep my eyes on that one.

DD had her field day Friday (still today for me really). She had a blast but she was beat tonight. Hope the kids behave for DH tmrw.

And lastly here are 2 more chakalaka in the colorway Summer Splash by Lily and Cream. The basket on the left has one additional knit row at the top. I need to decide which style i prefer. I really like this colorway though. I'll start some in Fiesta trmw. I have 4 down and 4 to go for DDs school, plus a felted change purse and bookmark... then what to give the workers at daycare??

Happy crafting

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