Monday, February 16, 2009


for me it's still Sunday since I haven't hit the bed yet. DH and I sang a Vivaldi concert today at a Cathedral in town. There were 5 of us soloists. It was really fun. I enjoyed it. Wish I had had more to sing though. As I was sitting in the concert I was thinking of all the pictures to put on the blog, but sorry none for today. Hopefully I'll get some on tmrw. I was also admiring my new bracelet and it dawned on me that the bracelet part is much akin to a knitted i-cord... and the charms slide over the i-cord. Promise that I'll post pictures tmrw.

A very old dear friend found me on facebook today. I was pleasantly surprised. Haven't talked/seen him in more than 30 years. I'm sure we wouldn't recognize each other.

I frogged a bit more tonight and finished another lizard ridge square. So that means I've only hit about 9 balls of yarn so far this year... I really better get moving if I'm ever going to make 200. I keep harvesting yarn from sweaters and making more stash instead of knitting it and making it disappear.

This week I go to DS's school to demonstrate spinning. Tmrw I must make some rolags and prepare for that lesson... 2 classes of 50 1st graders. What excitement! It makes for a short work week for me though which is always good. Work Tuesday and Wednesday, off Thursday and work Friday.. can't complain at all :-D

OK.. I think I'm going to bed now... DS2 already came looking for me. So I need to put him back in his bed and crawl into my own!

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g-girl said...

wow, you and DH sang a Vivalid concert? cool! what's a rolag?