Saturday, February 14, 2009

happy valentine's day

to one and all... tell someone that you love them.

We had a party here at the house for DD and 6 of her friends. I'd type more but I'm really beat. I want to tell you that Martha has nothing on me though. The day before she posted this as her cookie recipe of the day, I had made them for DDs party and have the pictuers to prove it. Just wish I had posted it on my blog Thursday night when I made them. At least in my heart of hearts I know I had the idea before I read it on Martha's site.

The girls decorated little cotton bags for goodie bags with fabric markers, made valentine charm bracelets and Valentine necklaces. We decorated heart shaped cookies and they put the toppings on their heart cupcakes. Of course it HAD to be heart themed being that it was valentine day. I hope everyone had a good time. I'm exhausted and need to go to bed to ward off this sore throat. Tomorrow I solo in Vivaldi Gloria and Dixit Dominus at the Cathedral in town.

DH bought me a lovely charm bracelet from Cleo's with 2 charms... a ball of yarn and a sheep... I love it! Thanks honey.

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g-girl said...

i'm sure the girls had a great time!