Sunday, February 08, 2009

and here they are

Women's S Hugo Bescati butter yellow 100% cashmere wrap lace…4.99

Women's L Heidi tan 35 silk/25 nylon/20 ramie/12 angora rabbit/3 acrylic/5 wool short sleeve sweater DK… $3

Men's XL Old Navy rust lambswool worsted…. $6 *

Women's M The Limited blue-periwinkle tweed wool/viscose/nylon/silk/cashmere/cotton blend sockweight …$6
(i have another in this colorway in my stash already and one in another color… it’s so soft)

Women's L Express beige merino aran knit … $4

Men's Belmondi brown/black/white tweed 55 merino/20 rayon/10 cashmere/10 nylon/5 angora rabbit crew neck sockweight or heavier…. $4

Women's L SO orange/red tweed 40 silk/30 nylon/15 ramie/11 wool/4 other turtleneck light worsted ….$6

Women's M Gap mustard yellow cardigan 100% worsted cotton (hope the button band is picked up stitches) $2

Women's M Express blue white tweed merino turtleneck heavy worsted/aran… $3

* from the pricey thrift store in town

Sorry about the sideways shots... I forgot to turn them before uploading

And these to felt and make bags, mittens etc

I picked up a few sweaters at Old Navy as well.. 3 cashmere ones for me and a cotton cardigan for mom in a beautiful blue to match her eyes!

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missliz said...

Oh my, what a great shopping day! I went thrifting too, but came home with one big purchase, a dresser. Love your finds! Liz