Monday, February 16, 2009

overdue shots

These have either been long promised or new pictures that need to be posted TONIGHT.

My proof that Martha Stewart has not one thing on me (OK she has a lot more than 1 thing, but this one I thought of before her help) My heart shaped brownies, served ath my DD party on Valentine's Day. They disappeared in a heartbeat

Next is the 16th square for the Lizard ridge and I'll follow that immediately with square 17.

Noro Kureyon 153A

Noro Kureyon 188D

Here are a couple of pictures from DD's party of the girls working on their crafts and them all together showing off their necklaces.

first thing - make the goodie bags

next we made bracelets... DH wasn't taking pictures then. He escaped to the basement. But you can see one of the creations on the wrist in this picture.

The heart necklaces were the last crafty thing. you can see all the girls wearing them here.

Between all the crafts, we ate pizza, decorated heart cookies and ate them, and decorated the heart shaped cupcakes. All this while the girls sang their hearts out to the Mama Mia! soundtrack

Here is the bracelet DH gave em for Valentine's Day. You can see the sheep and ball of yarn.

At the concert on Sunday as I was listening to the choir sing I was playing with y new bracelet and admiring it and it dawned on me that the chain is reminiscent of an i-cord. I don't know if I was able to catch it in this shot or not.

And finally my creation du jour.

Pattern: Ballband toilet paper cover by hakucho
Yarn: Lily's Sugar and Cream
Colors: hot green and hot blue
Needle: US7

Thanks hakucho, I've had this in my queue forever. Finally got around to it today. Gives me an idea for my upstairs bath to try to make one to match my shower curtain... kind of a jaquard plaid... I'll let you know how it goes.

DH's vest is back to the armhole deccreases again. I want to look at a vest that fits him to see how to go about the next step.

Off to do some schoolwork. Tmrw is a long day for me. Need to get ready for the sub on Thursday as well :-) and prepare for the spinning afternoon.


missliz said...

Looks like you know how to throw a great party! Lots of smiling little girls. Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day! Liz

g-girl said...

well la di da..heart shaped brownies?? of course they were gone in a heartbeat! the latest squares for the lizard ridge look great! the necklace your DH gave you is so cool!


Love the Ballband!!! Needs to be one in every room in the house IMHO!

FYI-new yarnshop opening in bethlehem very soon!