Monday, January 19, 2009


so I had the itch to thrift today. I took my SIL to SA in A-twn hoping to clean up... sadly, I didn't. I got some great sweaters for mittens that are even already felted for me. And picked up this really soft autumn tweed sweater from the Limited..... got it home and remembered that I have a blue tweed one just like it that is such a bear to frog.. well deconstruct. The seams are mattress stitched and it's really hard to find the right thread in all the mess..... but the yarn is so soft. It's a blend of wool, viscose, nylon, silk and cashmere in really pretty colors (as is the blue) I could smack myself in the head!

I did find (well SIL found them but they were too big for her) a pair of nine west shoes for 5.99 that were brand new... very dressy black slides with a heel but the old kind of wide in width but not in length heel. You can see that my shoe vocabulary is expansive. I'm not a shoe girl, most obviously. But they have a square toe and are a kind of satiny upper so would look great for a concert, so they came home with me.

we were out most of the day looking for some things for her b4 she goes back home on Friday. I'm going to miss her......lots.


missliz said...

I guess that is the fun of thrifting, you never know what you might find. Not to mention the chance to make memories! Sounds like you girls had a good time!

hakucho said...

You always amaze me with your yarn recycling :) Good luck!