Tuesday, January 20, 2009

10 on tuesday

is all about favorite sports moments.

I don't have 10...
but 2 of mine were from the men's swimming in this Olympics.

Other than that I was whooping it up with my 6th graders during the inauguration today. What a happy day! (sorry Eric) DD and I will watch some of the pre-ball stuff together. It's a girly thing that I am sure she'll enjoy.

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Rachel Bott said...

I have been organizing my house this week and went through my den today, and lo and behold in the craziest pile of things was Mica's flat Stanley. I am sorry, there were so many people in this house over Christmas that someone else must have picked up my mail that day and put it somewhere without mentioning it. I have taken it to a few places today and am going to go to a few more places tomorrow and then mail it off tomorrow afternoon. I hope it isn't too late and again, sorry. Mica said by January so I hope it is fine. Let me know if there are any particular places that she was hoping to see. Wish I could have taken him to Southern Utah, that is a sight to be seen.
Talk to you soon.