Friday, January 16, 2009

prayers answered

thank you saint anthony for prayers answered. DH's vest (well if you can call it that) is found. Last night I sat down in my chair to do something else, I think I was putting away my options needles that had been out for other projects and looked to the left and there it was staring up at me. It had NOT been there before. So there you have it!

I have another Lizard Ridge block done. Here are the two that are completed

Noro kureyon color 175C

Noro kureyon color 149F

I need to find the ball band of the one OTN now but I think it's color 194.

I have pictures from my Chorus concert. I didn't take them, so they aren't as good as I'd like, but it's better than nothing. The fat blob in the red skirt is me. Hopefully I'll be thinner by the spring concert. We all have on scarves because the concert was about snow. We don't have an auditorium in my school, so we have to use the gym for all our programs... kind of stinks. But DH built the big white screen and I do a power point to go along with all the stuff so that there is some kind of scenery. This year I hung up snowflakes the kids made from the ceiling. at different heights. Just to add a touch of something. The shredded paper is supposed to be like snow. In the last song the kids sing about going outside and throwing a bunch of snow... so at the very end they all threw white yarn pompom balls into the audience. It was kind of fun.

I have a long weekend since I took a trade day from the summer. So does the rest of the family. I hope I get to do something fun for me... I'm feeling the urge to go thrifting really badly. Not that I need anything, just for the hunt!

Tomorrow we go behind the scenes at the Phila. zoo.... just hope we don't freeze!


hakucho said...

I am so happy you found that vest ;)

missliz said...

Wow! Love the music. I must figure out how to do this. I really just stopped by to comment on the fun music concert. What lucky kids! I wish I had you as a music teacher...and you knit, too. So impressed! Happy thrifting!