Thursday, January 22, 2009

sick kiddo

so I was putting DS2 to bed tonight. I laid down with him knowing full well that I'd be asleep before he was. That cuppa joe I had last night at 10:30 kept me up until 4:30 this morning.. so I was feeling kinda tired. All of a sudden he wakes up crying... and I knew it was inevitable... projectile vomiting... all over the bed AND me. These are the moments I hate having long hair. He's sleeping soundly in my bed now... question is where will I sleep????? His bed is stripped and airing out. I hope he's finished for the night.


missliz said...

Hi Carol, so sorry to hear about your sick kiddo. Take care of yourself. Nothing is worse than a sick mommy! I'll be thinking about you! Liz

g-girl said...

oh no! poor him and poor you. i'm with liz, hope you don't get sick too!