Saturday, July 02, 2011

stitch, stitch, stitch

June was a month for sewing a bit. I oiled up the machine and FINALLY finished the cushions on the window seat in the basement. (After DH nudged rather strongly)

I'm happy with the way they turned out. I finished them the day before DS1s birthday (and party)> Now we have 'stadium' seating in the family room.

We're going to a dinner on Sunday and I thought I'd like to take a little gift along with the bebidas and dessert. So I whipped this together today. I got the idea from Kate S. Thank you to her! But of course I tweaked her directions. Instead of having two seams show on the outside, I have no seams showing. I did use batting and quilted it, but I quilted the liner and outside separately. (I don't have a quilting machine. Just a regular Kenmore so the quilting is very plain.
Here were my steps:

Cut two rectangles from coordinating cloth.
The one you'll be using on the outside 7" x 16"
The one you'll be using on the inside 6" x 15"
Cut 2 rectangles of batting in the same dimensions.

Quilt the batting to the wrong side of each fabric.

Cut two circles about 5" in diameter from both fabric and batting.
Quilt the 2 circles (batting on the wrong side again).

With the fabric for the outside, put the long right sides together and sew a long seam (I used 3/8 inch allowance)
Do the same for the inside fabric.

Sew a circle to the bottom of one of the tube. (right sides together) I had to ease the circle to fit the circumference of the tube.. Not an exact science since I didn't really use a pattern.

Repeat with the other tube.

Turn the outside tube right side out. Leave the inside tube inside out and place it inside the outside tube.

Cut the top shape as you desire. I used bias binding to attach them together.

Flatten the tube centering any shape you've given the top

With the sharp point of scissors, cut through all layers of fabrics making a slit the desired length of your handle. Once the slit is made shape the handle as you'd like

I was going to use bias tape here as well but decided against it. Instead I folded the cut edges in and handstitched the outside to the inside.

I really like how it turned out. Maybe they'll make good Christmas gifts this year. Cut down on the fabric stash a bit!

I got my progressive lenses yesterday. It really made the sewing SO much easier. Both by hand and threading the machine. Should have done this a while ago.


g-girl said...

oh i love the window seat cushions. now to get some people photographed on them enjoying them. ;) is that a wine cozy? it's adorable! i could see it being used as a water bottle holder too. love the new glasses! hope you've been enjoying your summer.

hakucho said...

Very professional sewing projects :)
I can't imagine not having my progressive lenses and to think how much I had to fight for them. My doctor thought I should use reading glasses. No way was I going to use 2 pairs of glasses ;)