Friday, July 08, 2011

if at first you don't succeed......

been cleaning out.... garage attic, basement front.

We have to move everything from the front of the basement out so the guys can convert the furnace. It WILL be finished by Sunday...Temporary inconvenience for permanent improvement.

I started the recycled cashmere patch blanket. It's all laid out and one length is sewn. It would be a cute scarf. If it turns out OK, I may gift it to the SIL who loves black.. THis is all blacks and greys.. that is if she likes it. If not, it will get plenty of use at my house... after the grey/black will come the colored... pinks, burgundies, greens, tans and browns.

My SIL comes Monday. The erupting volcano in Chile is delaying her flight. She WAS to arrive tomorrow.

And of course the spinning continues. Today I plied this. Lesson learned, don't navajo ply when the youngest wants your attention.

I'll never finish the Brown BFL THere is SO much fiber.... Although I did locate my hand carders today. So it will make things go much easier. I wish I could rent a drum carder. It would make my spinning life so very much easier....

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g-girl said...

hey is that your crafting space? very nice!