Tuesday, June 28, 2011

one of these things is not like the other

so we're having some work done outside the house. The guys that are doing it all look alike except one.... (there's a fourth who matches but isn't in the picture cuz he's driving the grapple bulldozer thing.)
anyway can you spot the 2 differences in the men?

so we're attaching the gas line to switch the heating from oil to gas. Getting a new furnace for the summer vacation. The hole they put in the street is large enough to bury me. and the two in the yard could bury small animals (like dogs or cats) of course my snapdrapgons are now gone for good... They've been there since 8 AM and it's almost 8 hours later.... lots of tools too.

The downside (may be an upside) is I have to empty the stash rooms and clean them out when the furnace people come to take out the oil tanks and furnace and water heater and install the new ones.... i guess a little revisit to the stash will be useful. Perhaps it will be a great time to destash on ravelry or elsewhere

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g-girl said...

i noticed the guy in the middle is wearing the wrong color hard hat. lol. and just now i realized the guy closest to the truck with the backdoors open is wearing the wrong color vest. hope they worked out the outfits for the following days! i didn't know that people used oil for heat. i thought everyone used gas.