Sunday, June 26, 2011

what's for lunch?

Today I decided to raid the refrigerator after I went grocery shopping to try to use up some of the older food and make room for the new stuff.

We had Chinese take-out Friday night and didn't eat the white rice. So I started with that.
I added some green olives cut up in pieces
about 3 oz. crumbled feta cheese
cut up some grape tomatoes
cut some canned beets
and hearts of palm
and finally to about 3/4 cup of mayo added one diced chipotle pepper... mixed together and then added to the rice salad.

It was quite yummo.... with that we had some sliced tomatoes, mozzerella and basil sprayed with a bit of olive oil.

Dinner came late.... spinach empanadas, corn empanadas and blue cheese, nut and celery empanadas.....

For dessert..... Emeril's key lime pie YUM

DD went to Dorney Park with a friend and the boys stayed home. DH was at church ALL day. The in-laws and I hung out with the boys... not a bad day.

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g-girl said...

the key lime pie looks delish! :)