Friday, June 17, 2011

you can ring my bell rock?

Yesterday we took everyone to Ringing Rocks State Park Even though I've lived so close all my life, I've never been there. So with hammers in hand off we went... I had to convince DS1 that it would be fun. Once we were there he was springing over the rocks like a sure footed mountain goat. We found rocks that made harmony by themselves depending on where they were struck. Plenty of rocks that made just a thud. It's a strange and wonderful place. As DS 2 was trekking among the rocks, exploring he found this Eastern Milk Snake. I couldn't identify it on the spot, but looked it up as soon as we got home. That experience curtailed his jubilance at exploring a bit. He decided to sit with the apos and hit rocks nearby.
I walked down to the bottom of the field to where it expandes left and right... trying to make some historical sense of it all. I did see one blue jay right at the lower edge of the field but nothing besides the snake, some spiders, a few moths and butterflies and a dragonfly or two the entire 2+ hours we spent there.

If you're nearby, make a trip. It's worth it. If you forget a hammer pick up a small rock and use that. We were able to play a couple of tunes with some careful boulder choice.
And don't make our mistake... continue down the trail to check out the waterfall. That's for our next visit, I guess.


lesley said...

Hi Carol
What a fab place to visit. Hope you're all well?

yoel said...

Looks like a fun trip! Are the rocks hollow so they can "ring?"

g-girl said...

wow, what a cool place to go. thanks for sharing video of what the rocks sound like too. that's so weird!