Tuesday, July 06, 2010


I would pick the hottest day of the year to be working on the last stitches of this:

Pattern: Lizard Ridge by Laura Aylor
Yarn: blocks Noro Kureyon, seaming and attached i-cord recycled Abercrombie & Fitch sweater
Colors: 40U, 52P2, 95, 102Y, 116D, 134C, 147A, 148A, 149F, 153A, 157A, 156B, 163D, 164E, 165C, 170, 172E, 175C, 178C, 182D, 184E, 185D, 188D, 194C and charcoal
Needle: US8 and US10
Modifications: I made it 6x5 instead of 6x4 in order to wrap my body in it.
Recipient: Why ME of course!

I skipped walking yesterday and opted for sleep... today i walked 6 miles... and it's super hot.. I probably had a slight case of heat stroke while waiting for the kids at swimming lessons.

DH replaced the garbage disposal... I promised him a key lime pie, so now that I've recuperated from the heat, I guess I best get moving on that... squeezing all those little limes... jeesh!

Have to look for cording to either cover or head out to Joanns to buy some covered so I can make the window seat pillow.. want that done b4 the SIL comes.

last night we had a decadent life. Watched the Phils win, put the kids to bed then took the laptop in bed and watched Must Love Dogs.. that movie is really to cute..we laughed so hard!

I decided not to go in to work this week. No one cares and frankly, it's too bloody hot to be there with no A/C.. I'll start plans from home.

Stay cool!


Jane said...

It's amazing!

Kristyn said...

Great job! It is very hot here too. I just want to stay in my house with the A/C cranking all day.

ColorSlut said...

This has been on my list. It came out so perfect. Great job. Come winter you'll be wrapped in it and loving every moment!

g-girl said...

wow wow weeeeeeeeeeeeeee! your lizard ridge is absolutely gorgeous!!! and it's made with love. :) hot and no ac? yeah, i'd skip work too! ;)