Thursday, July 15, 2010

as if....

I had all the time in the world. I add more stress to my life. I decided to go for something that I'll divulge later, but it's a quick deadline with lots to accomplish. Crazy, I am!

I finished the clapotis yesterday, but haven't taken pictures yet... it looks like the other one except a tad larger.

I walked alone today. 4.3 miles.. around and about town. The only interesting thing was the sound of a woodpecker, but I didn't stop to try to spy it.

Pool this afternoon with the kids. It was so humid today... I hate to think of seeing our electric bill with running the A/C and the deregulation. I have friends that told me theirs tripled this month... ugh!

hoping for pictures tmrw....amidst the craziness I create

1 comment:

g-girl said...

hmm..i'm curious as to what it is that you added to your stress!