Tuesday, July 13, 2010

bronx zoological park

was the 'fun' thing to do yesterday. That was after the 5 mile walk in the morning to which I saw a kingfisher and some whitetail deer!
I'm posting a few pictures but if you want to see more, surf on over to my Bronx zoo album on facebook... there are some decent shots in there as well :-)

this Andean condor didn't like when I said she had an ugly face. There was a lady that visits weekly and when she calls to the bird it comes running over to her. She tells it how pretty it is and I guess the bird really likes her. The woman said every time someone says that the bird is ugly she runs away or squacks... too funny.

The snowy owl IS beautiful I think. This reminded me of the owls in Where the Wild Things Are. Snowy owls hunt by day and night, unlike other owls, because of the length of the summer day in the arctic.

We saw the elephants were on the monorail. Unfortunately for us our fellow passengers were little boys from the boys club whose chaperone was as rude as they were and it was very difficult to hear the commentary. But I did learn that an elephant has 40,000 muscles in its trunk. It can pick up an egg without breaking it and they flap their ears to keep cool. I think this elephant looks happy.... (stop anthropomorphizing, right?)

They had camel rides, which we didn't do, but I went over to say hello. This one started to sing to me. You can see his lips in a perfect [u] formation.

VV is here so I may be shy on the posts (or not).

Working on the decreases of clapotis #2!


Jane said...

Great photos!

g-girl said...

did the condor hear you make that comment?? lol. at least someone is there to boost her self esteem. ;) the pictures are lovely. :)the shot of the camel is funny!