Friday, July 09, 2010

battle of the sexes and the big apple

the boys went to the Statue of Liberty (well it was more than boys but the immediate ones at least) and the girls to Manhattan (mostly to the American Girl store... nuff said, right?) We had fun but everyone is beat.

The girl and I went to the AG store and stayed for lunch. Forgot to snap a picture of the cinnamon buns but here's the rest.

My entree (DD had pizza)


I couldn't finish my meal... neither could DD.

Then we traveled to Rockafeller Center and took in the Lego store Notice a theme in these 2 pictures?

Then we were headed uptown to the Disney store... completely passed where it should have been according to the Google app on my iPhone and decided to detour into FAO Schwarz Meandered around in there a bit oogling all the cool toys. They had a HUGE Chewbacca on display made of Legos

Headed uptown a bit more into Central Park. Try as I might, I could NOT convince the girl to go into the Zoo at Central Park with me, nor walk through much of the park. She was getting tired already. (well we had been walking/shopping for about 5 hours minus an hour for lunch) But I did catch a glimpse of Bruiser from outside. He was swimming around and showing off for the crowd. All the artists in the park were freaking her out cuz they all kept coming up to her to ask to do her portrait. I have to admit, she looked really beautiful today. I french braided her hair on the bus on the way into the city.

Then we went back to search for the disney store only to find that in it's place is the Coca Cola building. Disney closed the store in the beginning of the year and are opening around Thanksgiving at a new location according to the guy working at the coca cola building.

She was so bummed by this... but we went to the Gap they were having a sale on shirts. Buy one get one free. So I got her 2, to wear with a pair of capris that she was complaining last night she had nothing that matched.

She kept bugging me when were the boys picking us up.... we walked a bit and were just about to go to the MOMA but I got the brilliant idea of going into St. Thomas' so we could sit and be quiet, not much noise from the city (which she hates) AND a big bonus for the day AC. We got in as the organist was practicing All Creatures of Our God and King! Gave me chills.. we had this hymn at our wedding....took all the strength I had not to start belting it out. Boy, she would have KILLED me for that move! I believe the tune is Lasst Uns Erfreuen

well we got a text to meet them at 9th and 57th so off we went again. We got up to about 8th and they found us. All in all we trekked about 4 miles not to mention all the walking in the dogs are dog tired!

Dinner at Cracker Barrel on the way home... I had the wholesome morning sampler minus the meat. YUM!

The day was topped off by the Phils pulling out a win at the last inning...well tied in the ninth, won in the 10th with a walk off home by Ryan Howard. I wasn't watching until the 10th cuz I was so depresesed they were back 6-1 in the 5th or so.

And of course I knit on the way in and out of the city. Gotta love not driving!!!!


Jane said...

What a fun day in the city! We had so much fun there last summer. We're not close enough to ride in for a day! I love that you can find quiet in a church in the city - and how amazing to hear that hymn.

g-girl said...

talk about a busy day! your dessert @ AG looks so precious. AG isn't so big around these parts. I sort of miss being near one! whoa! Love the chewbacca display. why can't the lego stores i go into have chewbacca..i've seen everyone else but him! maybe next time you can go to the zoo at central park. :)