Thursday, August 23, 2007

YIPES... no FOs

lots on the needles, but nothing is finished!

The chrysalis is finished though. The cocoon is so strange looking. I guess the strange part was watching how it developed from the caterpillar. My pictures of it aren't that good because they were taken through the netting of the butterfly garden. But now it looks like part of the stick and if you didn't know there was a cocoon there, you'd miss it. Funny because where the head of the caterpillar was/is there are two protrusions that I'm sure will be the antennae of the butterfly. Right now they look like little horns. It completely turned to cocoon late Sunday/early Monday. It's brown. I've read that brown cocoons winter over, so if that's the case we have a long wait to see this butterfly... if not about 10-14 days.

Yesterday I received a lovely lambs fleece of a chocolate brown BFL cross (crossed with Border Leicester) I immediately washed it and it's just lovely.. hardly any grass or bits of VM.... DH decided that he'd like his vest from this fleece instead of the Targhee that I've been flicking all summer. I hope there's enough.. if not, I may have to come up with some creative stuff... either dyeing or striping or something. I spun up two weight samples.. it's really lovely...

My kids started school on Wednesday. It was DS1's first day of Kindergarten. He looked so cute! I can't believe how fast they grow up. I had to go back on Wednesday as well. But not Friday. The kids where I teach start Monday, and I'm not ready at all. This is definitely going to cut into my knitting/spinning time. Oh well... gotta make a living so I can buy more fiber!


hakucho said...

Can't wait for your butterfly...very exciting :)

g-girl said...

that's exciting about your butterfly!
the fleece you received even sounds lovely. Chocolate brown?? Wow. :) I didn't know DS1 was just starting Kindergarten. Have fun on your first day back tomorrow!