Sunday, August 26, 2007

Slow progress

I've made some very slow knitting progress these past few days. I did a few rows on the never ending poncho.....guess it won't be done for this fall either :-( I am almost finished my first ribbed sock. If I could have remembered how to do the toe decreases it would have been done... I had it about finished and it looked wrong so I frogged that part... started over, tinked back... then decided to wait until I got home to look.. yes I was knitting in the car again. I found a dropped stitch in the mid-month dishcloth KAL in a cable from the monthly dishcloth group... I frogged the whole thing. I was doing it in Paton's grace on size 5 needles and really wasn't feeling the love, so I rather use that yarn for bookmarks (gifts) anyway! I did finish one block (not yet pun intended) of Lizard Ridge in color 163 Lot D. This was after much tinking/frogging because I kept forgetting to carry the unused yarn up the side.... argh! I love this colorway though :-D

And I spun up a sample of the BFL/BL cross. Actually I spun up two samples hoping the second would be a heavier weight. It seems I am havig real difficulty spinning heavier now... So it would be best triple plied for this vest. DH doesn't want stripes.. so I'm working on plying 2 of these with one of a Targhee mix that I started late last night (i've been in spinning withdrawl lately). The Targhee is white.. not bright white, but looks a bit goofy with the dark brown, so I'm thinking to dye it with coffee and see how it would look plied that way? I'm really winging it here.

I took some pics of the cocoon, but it's hard to see through the mesh siding of the butterfly garden. It's about midway in the pic from top to bottom and is the thick brown piece that looks like part of the stick but is sticking straight out almost parallel to the bottom. (just above and to the left of the white daisy as you're looking at the bottom of the garden) If anyone has an idea how to mark up my picture to circle it or something, please tell me... I'm clueless in that regard. Hope you can tell where it is!

I start teaching again tomorrow. Wish I could say I was so excited I'd pee in my pants, but I'm not. I have everything ready save a few pictures to put up and some great ideas for the year that I want to see how they work, but I rather be home crafting. DD had a project due for tomorrow. It seems that she's the student of the week this week. I think they do it in alphabetical order and our last name (married) starts with A... so she's first! Anyway, I needed a picture of her and the ones we had printed didn't suit the princess... so we had to go searching through 2 computers worth of pictures to find one she wanted. DS1 likes KDG. He's so cute in his uniform. A real heartbreaker! DS2 left me feeling like a terrible mom when I took him to daycare on Thursday. He was fine 10 minutes after I had gone! But the GREAT news is that he's potty trained... bye bye diapers (insert enormous grin here)

I leave you with this close-up of my new baby.. BFL. It's really yummy... shorter fibered than I'm used to, but yummy!


Becky said...

My son's last name begins with A as well, so I know where you are coming from.

Becky said...

OH, and I'm having the same trouble with the Monthly dishcloth. I didn't drop a stitch, but I'm definitely not feeling the love. I'm determined to soldier on, however this dishcloth has just reinforced to me how much I dislike knitting cables in cotton.

hakucho said...

Your lizard ridge square looks nice. I've always admired that pattern, but never found the time to try it.

We're back to school tomorrow. Not looking forward to it either...not much fun dragging two teenage boys out of bed to be at school for 7:10AM!

happy knitting :)

g-girl said...

lizard ridge looks good! :) aww, I'll bet DS1 looks cute in his uniform! :)