Friday, August 17, 2007

Stash acquisiton and gathering

Well.... today was a banner day. At least for me. First I found out that Little Knits was having a sale on much of their Noro... I went a bit overboard on the Kureyon (think's Lizard Ridge) Then after reading loads in the wee hours of the morning about our 'cat' I decided he needed a proper home that the boys could see but wouldn't destroy once he's in his cocoon. I called my favorite local toy store Toy Magic to see if they had a butterfly garden and indeed they did. So off I went to make a trip. DD didn't want to come, so I took DS2 with the promise he'd be sleeping upon return. DS1 stayed home with a fever (poor guy). I really didn't want to take DS2 into the toy store awake because I feared we would never leave and I had something else up my sleeve.....

My LYS Tangled Yarns is right down the street and I had a gift certificate in my wallet that had it's tastes on some Lantern Moon needles and maybe some Noro. Armed with the colors I had just purchased and the 5 already in my stash, we went in... DS2 wasn't too happy, in fact, he kept trying to escape. I didn't know which size to buy 7's or 8's so the woman suggested I knit a test swatch... I grabbed a skein in a color I would have bought anyway (and did) and tried them both out... I decided on the 8's. They feel better and I liked the swatch density better. While I was doing all that DS2 nursed himself to sleep. I bought my needles and yarn and we both left content!

So the 'cat' has a condo. And with it came certificates to send for Painted Lady caterpillars and food which we'll do in the spring. It started to hail and thunder while we were in the toy store so of course we got soaked and DS2 woke up. I drove around trying to put him to sleep, but all I gained was a stick for the condo. After the rain, DS2 and I went gathering more flowers for the caterpillar to eat. DD has already lost interest in the 'work' part of this. Just more fortification why we don't have a real pet!

This is what our temporary guest looks at while he's lounging in his new digs. Who wouldn't love it?


hakucho said...

Lucky caterpillar...very lovely new home. Lucky you and your pocketbook having a LYS so close to home ;)

So sorry about Genevieve.

g-girl said...

I've seen those butterfly kits! Are you feeding it the food that I thought came with the kit? jw.