Friday, August 17, 2007

more 'cat' news

From everything that I've read... I think our caterpillar is in the beginning or near the 5th instar stage and will be pupating soon. Therefore, tomorrow I'm going out to buy a proper place for it to pupate instead of the cereal box. It's eating a ton and pooping just as much. We're going to have to go flower hunting tomorrow again.

As I was eyeing up the habitat tonight, I spotted another crawler on the stem. You have to look at the sock needle (US2) to see this one. I think we had one of these earlier, but in trying to see it, I may have destroyed it, or perhaps this is the same one, but now large enough for my old eyeballs to see. Up to third instar this black swallowtail is supposed to look black with a white band (about mid-page) and this doesn't appear that way, but who knows.. maybe it's just a baby inch worm. Our house is becoming the worm home I think.

I took this picture of our big 'cat' agains the same knitting needles for comparison. The needle is blurry but the cat is clear enough.

In knitting news, I finally finished bamboozled from the mid-July KAL at monthly dishcloth KAL group

Pattern: Bamboozled by Andi Worthy
Yarn: Bernat Handicrafter Cotton Twists
Color: Summer
Needle Size US6

I like the pattern it just took me too long to finish this one. I of course gifted it today to my friend's mom who is returning to Argentina. She was here for 3 months and we all love to see her. This time my family was lucky as we were together several times during her visit. She is a joy to be with!

I like this yarn although it seems to untwist a bit more than S&C and P&C. Perhaps because the 4 plys are 4 different colors? But for my kitchen plans, this color will be perfect. I bought a 12 oz skein a while back at Joann's and this was the first that I used it.

I turned the heel on my sock today and am now officially on the foot. Knitting in the car passes the time, but isn't always the easiest for me on those little US2 bamboo dpns.....


hakucho said...

Your "Cat" is so very interesting...can't wait for the transformation :)

g-girl said...

that's so cool about the caterpillar--and you found another one! :) yeah..knitting socks on dpns in a car, not the brightest thing in the world to do--I always drop @ least one dpn in the car! lol. Have you tried magic loop??