Friday, June 25, 2010

wasn't there, but.....

the phillies game had a rain delay yesterday

The guy who made this video found the perfect match of soundtrack for it! What a great job he did.

Me, I'm walking up a storm.... avg a bit over 4 miles a day. Yesterday was 6, today was just shy of 5.

Between that and getting my head in the junior high game, playing with family and knitting one or two stitches, my summer is occupied.

Monday, June 21, 2010

pie, anyone?

I wanted to make something special for DH for father's day. So I thought oooo a key lime pie. He'd love that. So I did... those little limes are such a pain to squeeze... there must be some kitchen tool that does the job... so the entire bag later plus the juice from squeezing 1.5 regular limes and voila:

A slight diversion of Emeril's key lime pie. His topping calls for sour cream with a pinch of sugar mixed in.. which I'm sure would be fab but I had 6 egg whites to use up from making tiramisu last week, so merengue topping won out. If you read the comments on the recipe page.... it really is VERY good. DH was in heaven. Next time I try the sour cream topping... and I'll find something to squeeze those little limes before then too ;-)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

happy father's day

Missing my dad, appreciating the father of my own children!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

well it's official

i've been moved to the junior high...
i'm speechless
i got a letter in the mail. no phone call to let me know. DH read it to me as i prepared the potato salad.

i have my summer work planned for me...............

DS birthday is today. We had about 24 people over for a party.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

nature's lace

The blocks on LR are together.. now to seam the columns and learn to crochet!

Clapotis is coming along nicely. Although I was knitting last night while watching a streaming school board meeting on the internet (a 4 hour very heated meeting) and forgot to drop in the repeat... went on another 14 rows before I noticed... so in went the lifeline and back I ripped... it's ok... no worries, it's summer!

The kids started swim lessons yesterday. So I get some sun while they swim.

This morning I walked 4 miles with a buddy. We left at 6AM... felt great. Gonna make it a daily activity. That's the time I can escape the house without anyone caring.

Tonight, my own district's board meeting (as in employer). Hot topic...uniforms. I could care either way but some folks have some very strong opinions against it. Personally, I think if they can't enforce the guidelines they have now, they're mistaken that a uniform code will make a difference... those who want to dress inappropriately will find a way no matter what....

Sunday, June 13, 2010

summer, ah!

We're all off from school now. Swim lessons start tmrw. Kids finished Friday. I was done Tuesday. I'm forgetting all about the place. I still have no clue where I'll be come Aug 24 so I really am not going to waste any of my summer planning... phhhhhhhhhhhbbbbbbt!

I've been spinning up a storm... did some sheep and cheingora, reclaiming wool from sweaters, knitting and trying to finish off a project or two. This is the latest accomplishment. All the lizard ridge squares are now blocked and I've begun to sew them into strips.. I hope to have the blanket assembled by next week, so I can work on the border. If it's complete in time, I *may* enter it in the Allentown fair... we'll see.

I've started a clapotis for an unnamed recipient.

And we had guests for dinner last night. I made this yummo Rachel Ray recipe with lemon pesto on penne with asparagus, zuchinni and french green beans. Very fresh and summery. Finished the meal with homemade tiramisu. There were other yummies to munch on as well, but you get the drift! I sent the lady of the evening home with my cloth experiment:

Yarn: Elmore Pisgah cotton
Color: Potpourri
Pattern: my own unvention
Needle: US7
Recipient: Boksans

Here's the pattern as I remember:
CO 45
K 1 row
k2, [knit 3 pass first knit stitch over other 2, YO] repeat to last stitch K1
k1 [knit 3 pass first knit stitch over other 2, YO] repeat to last stitch K2
bind off when length desired is reached.
Not terribly exciting
Use it if you'd like for whatever but please don't call it your own. You can link back here although I'm sure I didn't make up the stitch myself... It's unvented

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

how we spent memorial day

Guess what we did as a family? Or better yet what IS this picture?

Give up?? Here's the rest of the animal.

We had a great day. I knit a little. Especially while waiting to go up on the zoo balloon. Yes, we've been members for years and it is never working when we go. So today, it was. We stood in line for 40 minutes... only to have them tell us when we were once ride away, they were closing the ride because of the wind. ARGH! Oh well... maybe next time.

Here are some more pictures from the zoo that I uploaded to facebook.

It was a great weekend. The end of school is near and my grades are done! 5 student days 2 of which are half days (not that it matters, I teach 4 classes instead of 5 on those days) but I am SO looking forward to summer. Have heard nothing regarding the plan for the music dept. not that it surprises me.

The clematis in the back yard (actually it's the neighbors but grew through the fence) It's spent now as are the orchids but the roses are out. We planted some flowers, herbs and veggies this weekend.

I was spinning this weekend too... and my two forefingers are killing me... i wonder if it's related. I mean doing simple things like opening my wallet hurts so much.... I'll spin with my middle fingers from now on.