Monday, June 21, 2010

pie, anyone?

I wanted to make something special for DH for father's day. So I thought oooo a key lime pie. He'd love that. So I did... those little limes are such a pain to squeeze... there must be some kitchen tool that does the job... so the entire bag later plus the juice from squeezing 1.5 regular limes and voila:

A slight diversion of Emeril's key lime pie. His topping calls for sour cream with a pinch of sugar mixed in.. which I'm sure would be fab but I had 6 egg whites to use up from making tiramisu last week, so merengue topping won out. If you read the comments on the recipe page.... it really is VERY good. DH was in heaven. Next time I try the sour cream topping... and I'll find something to squeeze those little limes before then too ;-)

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g-girl said...

looks delish! tiramisu?? I didn't see any pictures of a tiramisu..