Tuesday, June 15, 2010

nature's lace

The blocks on LR are together.. now to seam the columns and learn to crochet!

Clapotis is coming along nicely. Although I was knitting last night while watching a streaming school board meeting on the internet (a 4 hour very heated meeting) and forgot to drop in the repeat... went on another 14 rows before I noticed... so in went the lifeline and back I ripped... it's ok... no worries, it's summer!

The kids started swim lessons yesterday. So I get some sun while they swim.

This morning I walked 4 miles with a buddy. We left at 6AM... felt great. Gonna make it a daily activity. That's the time I can escape the house without anyone caring.

Tonight, my own district's board meeting (as in employer). Hot topic...uniforms. I could care either way but some folks have some very strong opinions against it. Personally, I think if they can't enforce the guidelines they have now, they're mistaken that a uniform code will make a difference... those who want to dress inappropriately will find a way no matter what....


Jane said...

The walk sounds fantastic. Way to keep your health and sanity! I wish I was as motivated...(Sorry for all the school drama.)

ColorSlut said...

I can't wait to see our finished scarf. I'm sure it will be perfect. There is something magical about pool time. I'm not sure what it is ... but it rocks!

g-girl said...

pretty leaf! still waiting on pins and needles to see your finished LR!! :) wow..4 mile walk? awesome. :)