Tuesday, June 01, 2010

how we spent memorial day

Guess what we did as a family? Or better yet what IS this picture?

Give up?? Here's the rest of the animal.

We had a great day. I knit a little. Especially while waiting to go up on the zoo balloon. Yes, we've been members for years and it is never working when we go. So today, it was. We stood in line for 40 minutes... only to have them tell us when we were once ride away, they were closing the ride because of the wind. ARGH! Oh well... maybe next time.

Here are some more pictures from the zoo that I uploaded to facebook.

It was a great weekend. The end of school is near and my grades are done! 5 student days 2 of which are half days (not that it matters, I teach 4 classes instead of 5 on those days) but I am SO looking forward to summer. Have heard nothing regarding the plan for the music dept. not that it surprises me.

The clematis in the back yard (actually it's the neighbors but grew through the fence) It's spent now as are the orchids but the roses are out. We planted some flowers, herbs and veggies this weekend.

I was spinning this weekend too... and my two forefingers are killing me... i wonder if it's related. I mean doing simple things like opening my wallet hurts so much.... I'll spin with my middle fingers from now on.


ColorSlut said...

I love the turtle photos!

Jane said...

Neat photo!