Monday, October 19, 2009

curse you, styrofoam packing peanuts

so I won this prize from Women's Day online. They have these giveaways every month (you should go register to win) and sometimes I remember to register... most times I forget. Anyway, today we're sitting down to dinner and I see a HUGE box at the front gate. So I asked DH if he was expecting something, "no" I responded "well I didn't order anything." Then I thought maybe it was a box from my SIL's mother for the kids she's often thinking of them and sending really cool things. So without thinking, I sent DS1 out to fetch the box. As he was bringing it in, it started leaking packing peanuts..... argh. I opened the box, took out my prize and the kids attacked the packing peanuts..... An hour and a half later I am just about packing peanut free..... they mushed them all over the kitchen, body surfing in the 'snow'

The humorous thing was when we were finally cleaning them up, we couldn't grab them. They kept floating in the air. I had to vaccuum the kids and myself as well. What a sight.

After all the mess was cleaned and the grocery shopping finished and put away, I got to use my surprise gift. I'm sure the suspense is killing all of you dear readers, the prize is (drum roll please.........)

a bionaire steam mop

whodathunk that I'd win something??? Actually this is my 3rd time for winning an online prize... so I'm feeling very very fortunate.

Thanks Women's Day you made this woman's day!

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g-girl said...

is it possible for a mop to be deemed beautiful??? because that bionaire steam pop is breathtaking! how do you like it??