Saturday, October 31, 2009

cowl with an "l"

for DDs teacher... I'm contemplating making fingerless mitts to go along with this:

Pattern: Evangeline Cowl by Orinda5
Yarn: Lion Brand Woolease
Color: Fisherman
Needle: US7
Recipient: Ms. Flannigan

I did cast on 108 stitches instead to add another cable and did 6 repeats to make it longer. I only met this teacher once but as I recall she's tall and thin with a longish neck.... rather have it loose and floppy and able to cover the bottom of her face if she wishes.

Trick or treat was last night. Here are my spooks:

We had LOADS of kids (and adults) for candy last night. It amazes me that people think you are stupid enough to believe that their infant needs candy..... get a life! Oh well......

TOnight is and extra hour of sleep AND the Phils game... GO PHILS

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g-girl said...

i'm lovin' the cowls! :)hope the teachers love theirs! that's right..trick or treat happens on the 30th where you live (i'll remember eventually!). teehee..well, the parents of infants need candy is what they're really trying to say! awww, your spooks are adorable! :)