Friday, March 13, 2009

short and sweet

and prepping for the PSSAs: knitting needles to sand and patterns to prepare for my cherubs.. teaching the experienced to purl this year.. so they can then follow a pattern.

Chorus: still finishing writing out the parts and need to record some vocal tracts.... too much work far little time, and plan the stuff for the t-shirts.. there will be pictures of them. Hopefully they'll look awesome

School: have these monster amount of papers to grade for 6th grade and the end of the marking period is here... that mans hand out 750 grades... bleh!
personnel is a huge mess and our department is falling apart... ugh!

knitting: started a wedding present from the Walker learn to knit afghan book but this will be all one color, socks OTN for me, DH's vest needs the math to be done for the armhole decreases

diet: about 8.5 pounds and holding... haven't measured the waist lately but it was at 4" The lack of sleep definitely is bad for the diet...... makes me hungry

I've found some great pages lately, that I'll post links to in the sidebar... really wonderful crafty fun blogs!

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g-girl said...

where do I start?? teehee. 750 grades?? you poor dear! congrats on the weight loss! that's fantastic. :) I took a peak @ one of your new links-flip flops and applesauce. pretty cool!