Saturday, March 01, 2008

so quick and easy

Pattern: Circular Scrubby
Yarn: Lily's Sugar and Cream
Color: Key Lime Pie
Needle: US7

super easy to make and a great user of leftover bits of yarn. I've read that it's great to make with acrylic. Along the lines of Japanese Tawashi. I'll be making many more of these, I'm sure. This one is for school. We need something that can scrub the dishes. I threw it together in less than 30 mminutes while DS2 was at gymnastics class this morning.

I've gotten several notes from folks who can't locate the pattern at knitability (and as a matter of fact, neither can I) I got the pattern as a .pdf file from ravelry but there is a pattern exactly like it here, so I hope this helps some of you!
I was at ACMoore to get some storage stuff for DS2's trains and they had the Bernat naturals yarn on sale. With so many babies just arriving, I though what better than some organic cotton for those mamas that don't want to handwash? So I bought some to try. It was on sale for 2.99 a skein. Can't wait to cast on. I have the urge to knit, just no time.


hakucho said...

Guess we have been on the same wavelength...I've been making scrubbies too. Yours came out great :)

Janellen said...

I love this little scrubby. I just can't find the pattern on the Knitability web site. Can you tell me where it is?