Thursday, March 13, 2008

more knitted goodness

finally finished the last details on the baby kimono:

For: Baby Nicholas
Pattern: Baby Kimono from Mason Dixon Knitting
Yarn: Bernat Organic Natural Cotton
Color: Mineral Spring Trim: Oasis
Needle: US7
Button: from stash

Thanks D for the i cord suggestion and trim on sleeves. I took it one step further and did trim along all the edges. Ties it together more. I was going to put 2 buttons, then decided it limited the sizing possibilities, so then thought of ribbon, but when D saw the hat she said... trim the sleeves in varigated and put varigated i-cord tie... great idea! Hope the mama likes it and it's comfy on the babe.

Also finished the Monthly Dishcloth March KAL and gifted it to my friend Sam

Pattern: The Empty Tomb by Lindy
Yarn: Elmore Pisgah Peaches and Creme
Color: Camel (reminds me of coffee ice cream!)
Needle: US6

This cloth is timely for me. Dad was taken to the hospital again Tuesday evening. Among other things, he has a bladder infection... not good. The prognosis is glum and he really would rather be on the other side. I ask for your prayers for my mom and my brothers in dealing with this. Me, I know what waits him is better than what he has now. I just hope that he can pass with some dignity and not too much pain. Guess I better hurry up and finish that vest........

I leave you with the complete baby gift..I think it looks pretty all together.


g-girl said...

oh hon, sorry to hear that your dad was in the hospital yet again. :( sending prayers your way. :)


Beautiful baby set!I never tire of seeing different versions of the baby kimono! Can you tell me where you bought the Bernat Organic cotton? Love the colors!

Sorry to hear your Dad isn't well. I once was a big fan of picking up along the fronts for a button band, but now that i've done the garter band separatelt and am sewing it on i like the stability much more. iguess it depend upon the sweater stitch pattern you've used for the body of the sweater. I need ed something really tight to keep the edge s of the sweater firm. Let me know if you need more info.
Prayers for your Dad....


I really do think it is worth the effort.
Start knitting for the right side up to the middle of the back of the neck in garter stitch. I pick up 2 bars on the sweater edge and 2 bars on the garter band strip when I'm sewing them both together. I co 6 stitches for my band with a size 5-which is 2 needle sizes down from what I used for the sweater body. I'm almost ready to co for the band on the button hole side. I will pin my buttons on the sewn right side band so I know where to knit the button holes as I'm going along knitting the band on the left side. What I'll do is knit a little of the band, sew a little, knit a little, etc. that way the button hole should match up nicely. From my lips to God's ear :- >

I'll try to remember to post a photo on my blog tomorrow of my button band progress.

Violiknit said...

Great baby Kimono! The I-cord edging is a fantastic touch!