Sunday, March 02, 2008

another ballband

to complement last weeks. Same colors, negative image. Actually after this was bound off and the pictures had been snapped, I found 3 spots where on the purl side I hadn't pulled the brick color to the back... .guess I won't rip back, after all it is just a warshrag... supposed that means I'm keeping the set. remember these are the colors I used in the Monthly dishcloth mid February KAL... made these two cloths as well and there's still plenty of yarn left for another 2 color cloth and maybe a 2 color scrubby as well! I think the peaches and cream skeins are larger than sugar and cream or something. For sure the yarn feels softer to me.

Progress on dad's vest. I started reading the directions for the armholes in the back and got stumped until I had some helpfrom the knitlist crew. So I'll continnue to plod along. I had wanted to get there yesterday and see how this fit him so far, but there were other pots to be boiled, so to speak, so I never made it. I hope it's OK... cuz I'm not that much of a process knitter to be happy about ripping back 20 inches of 5x3 ribbing that is about 18 inches wide...........

I should get some work done I guess... what a luxurious day spent clicking the needles together :-)


Knit Witch said...

Wow! I think your dishrag looks cool!


Great color combos!!!!
I've been unfaithful to the ballband lately! Knitting grandmas, swirls and log cabins!